Deep Freeze

If you have a frozen pipe in your home, don’t rush right to thawing it out. First, check to make sure there are no splits in the pipe. Then, ensure you have easy access to a working water shut-off valve. And when in doubt, call a plumber. (

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Selling Your House In Winter


Sell your home in the winter by capitalizing on the season. Have a crackling fire, emphasize winter-friendly spaces and keep your entryway meticulously clean.

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Realtor Magazine’s Fall Forecast

According to Realtor Magazine, we can expect an overall pick up in housing activity this fall–however we can also expect buyers to be more cautious.

According to Realtor Magazine

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Avoid Remodel Disaster!

Are you thinking of remodeling your home? You’ll want to check out this article by U.S. News: Money which lays out six missteps to avoid during your renovation process.

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Misconceptions About Selling A Home In The Offseason

fall sellingThe temperature is slowly dropping and so goes the traffic of buyers or at least that is the belief of many real estate agents.  Buyer traffic does drop off in the cooler months however; it has not been proven that the actual transaction volume drops by similar numbers.  This is a matter of perception.  We at Southland Realty believe that qualified motivated buyers remain in the market year round.  From a buyer’s point of view, time and individual circumstances dictate when the home shopping process commences.  From our point of view it is easier for the listing agent and the seller to sell in the offseason since there are fewer tire kickers, or nosey neighbors in the market.  We would always prefer to deal with a handful of quality buyers than a glut of buyers that are a mixed bag of motivation and indecision.

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Let Our Team Show Your Family the Way Home

The home buying process is a life changing decision and it is full of moving parts. This is not easy and we at Southland Realty understand that, but we can help make it simpler. Every day, we help our clients find their dream homes but we also help them figure out how they are going to pay for and insure those homes. Southland Realty is in the unique position to offer our clients a full team of experts to help them through the process from their first search to getting them pre-approved to closing on time.image0012

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