Some of Our Favorite Game Day Recipes

Football season is now in full swing, this is the perfect opportunity to discuss what is the most important part of any weekend in the fall.  No, it is not who you are playing in Fantasy Football or which of the teams is projected to win the title.  It is the food of course!  Everyone can agree that the food served during the game is some of the best you can ever have.  Follow these links:

footballPepperoni Pizza Dip from CHOW: Spicy, cheesy and served with garlic bread sticks. Enough said!

Fried Chicken Bites from My Recipes: These are a great option since everyone loves chicken wings and are undeniably a game day staple, but let’s be honest, they are a complete mess to eat and are hard to handle while screaming at the refs.

Hot and Cheesy Caramelized Corn Dip from How Sweet Eats: Even during game days, everyone needs their vegetables.  This solves the problem; cover them in cheese and serving them with chips.

Fried Pickles with Spicy Ranch Dip from Buns in My Oven: Fried pickles are traditionally a southern thing, but these are so wonderful even a Yankee would like them!

Keeping A House Clean While It Is Listed

It is a daunting proposition to keep a house clean especially when it is listed.  Here are some easy tips and simple tasks that will assist you in staying on top of it and never letting it get to the point where it becomes too overwhelming.  If you can spend a little time each day cleaning and organizing, you will avoid those awful full day, top to bottom, deep cleans that we all hate.

  1. Living Room: If you have carpet, remember to dust after you vacuum, this will make the room look fresh.  Clutter needs to be kept at bay so think about utilizing a storage ottoman or basket.  If things start piling up, hide them away until you can find them permanent homes.
  2. Kitchen:  You must keep it up as you go.  When cooking a meal, remember to fill the sink with hot soapy water, that way you can drop the dirty pots, pans and dishes in there.  These dirty dishes will soak while you and the family enjoy dinner and makes clean up less stressful.
  3. Bathroom: We are to everyone’s lease favorite chore.  There are wonderful cleaning wipes that can be kept under the sink.  A quick wipe of the surfaces (toilet, sink and vanity) plus a little sweep of the floor will keep everything nice and shiny without spending hours of scrubbing.
  4. Bedroom: Remember to wash your sheets every week to ten days – you will enjoy it plus it will make the room seem much fresher.  A clean bed can change the entire feel of your bedroom. Do not forget to make your bed every day, you never know when the Realtor might need to show it!.
  5. Laundry Room: Folding laundry is typically boring, so most of the time it doesn’t happen. Instead of focusing solely on that one task, do more than one thing. Listen to music, catch up with an old friend on the phone, etc. Give yourself a few minutes to yourself to do something you  enjoy and your chores will be more likely to get done.Keeping A House Clean While It Is Listed

Curious About Your Home Value?

Have you ever wondered how much your home is worth?  There are a lot of factors in placing a value on a piece of property.  If you were to ask too little, you are throwing away hard earned equity and if you ask too much, it will probably never sell.  At Southland Realty, we provide a free market analysis that shows the current asking and selling prices for similar properties.  We can help you determine an asking price that reflects the current market conditions as well as your personal needs.  If you own a home, land or other property in Graham County and are considering selling it, please give us a call.  Our local team of agents will be happy to prepare your analysis for free and without obligation.comparable-market-analysis2

Is Your Home Ready To Be Shown?

There can be a big difference between a well maintained and a well polished home.  This difference can sometimes mean the difference between a sale and a potential buyer walking away.  If you prepare your home for a showing, there are a few r

ules to keep in mind.

  1. Clutter-Free Zone: It is very important that a home feel comfortable, so it is not necessary to remove everything that makes it feel lived in. The important focus on making sure each room is clean and tidy. However, the sleeker your rooms look, the more spacious your home will feel.
  2. First Impressions Count: The exterior of your home is the first thing a potential buyer will see. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door: it’s an inexpensive and quick addition that can make a lasting impact. Make sure your lawn is kept cut and edged, while flowerbeds and hedges are trimmed and pruned. In the winter, keep walkways and driveways clean.
  3. Beige& White Are Not All Bad: Your bright purple den that you have always loved may not appeal to in the same way to a buyer. Consider neutralizing strongly colored walls with beige or off-white paint. This is a quick update that can change someone’s entire perception.home improvements

  4. Update The Spaces
    : Do you have a kitchen that you think could use an entire overhaul or a bathroom that needs a lot of work? Try installing new cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, adding fresh, fancy towels or different curtains: the change can help reinvent the space.
  5. Honey Do List: Your leaky kitchen faucet has always nagged you, now is the time to replace it. The same goes for broken windowpanes, cracked molding and any damage to wall.  Fix anything a buyer might notice!

Dorm Room Decorating

Almost every dorm room has similarities: they never have enough space, there are restrictions on how much you will be allowed todorm room customize and it needs to be multi-functional. This does not mean your dorm room has to be boring! It is a place that you bill be spending a lot of time, so you need to enjoy your surroundings. We have some tips for making the most of your home-away-from-home.

1. Not A Lot Of Space. The area needs to serve as your bedroom, living room, kitchen, closet and library. Organization is crucial and you must think creatively by using under your bed and above your closet and the back of your door cleverly. Consider investing in some storage boxes, so you can stash your clutter fashionably.

2. It’s Your Space! Remember you will be spending a lot of time in your room.  It is essential that you make it somewhere you want to be.  Customize your bedding and do not forget to add art that you love. Remember to bring plenty of framed photos of family and friends to help keeping homesickness away

3. Remember The Restrictions. A lot schools will actually charge you damages if you do not follow their decorating rules. 3M has a lot of products that do not leave blemishes on the walls! Use their picture hangers for frames, hooks to hang lights or to act as impromptu storage and remember that wall decals are also a great option.

4. Creativity. Washi tape seems to be everywhere on the internet. This paper-type tape is easy to use and (more importantly) easy to remove. From decorating bland doors to creating easy frames, this product is versatile enough to be used throughout your room, but cool enough to still make an impact.

5. What Did Other Do? Particularly for your first year, it’s hard to know what you should and shouldn’t bring with you to school. Everyone has a different opinion and different advice, so ask around! Your experience will be unique, but you can definitely pick up some gems of knowledge by asking older friends and family