Pantry Staples

Knowing the price of your pantry staples and not overspending on them is a great shopping list trick.

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Kitchen Remodel

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen? A built-in, pull out cutting board over a garbage bin is just one idea of how to make the most of your space. (

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Home Staging On A Budget

Stay on budget with home staging by de-personalizing, maximizing, sanitizing, modernizing and neutralizing.

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Quick & Simple Life Hacks – Salt Edition

Think salt is just for flavoring your food? Think again. This simple ingredient will transform how you manage household crises.

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Wooded Lot, Important?

17% of buyers rank a wooded lot as a “very important” feature to find in their next home. But, some trees are better for attracting buyers. Here are which ones are best, and which you should avoid.

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Deep Freeze

If you have a frozen pipe in your home, don’t rush right to thawing it out. First, check to make sure there are no splits in the pipe. Then, ensure you have easy access to a working water shut-off valve. And when in doubt, call a plumber. (

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