Fall in Love with the Smoky Mountains

Autumn is just a few days away and some are still holding onto the last few days of summer, but fall is by far one of my favorite seasons. Having been born and raised in the Smoky Mountains, it must be in my DNA because I cannot help falling in love with fall every year! For those of you dreading the end of summer and for those of you who have never experienced a true Smoky Mountain autumn, here are some of my favorite things about the season:

Leaf peeping: The pallet of colors we experience here is amazing and absolutely beautiful.  The array of the reds, yellow and oranges are stunning, and I would encourage anyone to take in the natural beauty. Due to the elevation differences anywhere from 1,500 feet above sea level to almost 6,000 feet in Graham County, we have almost a month of color for peepers to enjoy.

Apple picking: There is nothing better than a crisp fall day, bundling up in sweaters and heading out to the orchard to sip on hot apple cider, eat an apple donut (have you ever had one of these? If not, you need to, now!) and then fill a sack full of the freshest apples.  The leaves falling, the smell of a fire and apple picking, this is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Halloween: Halloween is the culmination of the fall activities and is taken very seriously.  It is not just about dressing up and getting free candy (but, hello, bonus.) it’s also about haunted houses, trail walks, corn mazes—there’s no limit to the haunted activities you are apt to find in the Smokies. So, anticipate some spooky fun if you are around in October!

These are just a few of the many things that make fall in the mountains an amazing thing. Hopefully you will take the opportunity and enjoy just some of the activities!picking

Keeping A House Clean While It Is Listed

It is a daunting proposition to keep a house clean especially when it is listed.  Here are some easy tips and simple tasks that will assist you in staying on top of it and never letting it get to the point where it becomes too overwhelming.  If you can spend a little time each day cleaning and organizing, you will avoid those awful full day, top to bottom, deep cleans that we all hate.

  1. Living Room: If you have carpet, remember to dust after you vacuum, this will make the room look fresh.  Clutter needs to be kept at bay so think about utilizing a storage ottoman or basket.  If things start piling up, hide them away until you can find them permanent homes.
  2. Kitchen:  You must keep it up as you go.  When cooking a meal, remember to fill the sink with hot soapy water, that way you can drop the dirty pots, pans and dishes in there.  These dirty dishes will soak while you and the family enjoy dinner and makes clean up less stressful.
  3. Bathroom: We are to everyone’s lease favorite chore.  There are wonderful cleaning wipes that can be kept under the sink.  A quick wipe of the surfaces (toilet, sink and vanity) plus a little sweep of the floor will keep everything nice and shiny without spending hours of scrubbing.
  4. Bedroom: Remember to wash your sheets every week to ten days – you will enjoy it plus it will make the room seem much fresher.  A clean bed can change the entire feel of your bedroom. Do not forget to make your bed every day, you never know when the Realtor might need to show it!.
  5. Laundry Room: Folding laundry is typically boring, so most of the time it doesn’t happen. Instead of focusing solely on that one task, do more than one thing. Listen to music, catch up with an old friend on the phone, etc. Give yourself a few minutes to yourself to do something you  enjoy and your chores will be more likely to get done.Keeping A House Clean While It Is Listed

Curious About Your Home Value?

Have you ever wondered how much your home is worth?  There are a lot of factors in placing a value on a piece of property.  If you were to ask too little, you are throwing away hard earned equity and if you ask too much, it will probably never sell.  At Southland Realty, we provide a free market analysis that shows the current asking and selling prices for similar properties.  We can help you determine an asking price that reflects the current market conditions as well as your personal needs.  If you own a home, land or other property in Graham County and are considering selling it, please give us a call.  Our local team of agents will be happy to prepare your analysis for free and without obligation.comparable-market-analysis2