Recently the National Association of Realtors asked home buyers what features were the most important things when looking at a house and which of those did they get with the home they bought.  The results are quite interesting.

Universal Characteristics: The average size for homes bought was 1,860 sq. ft. and the average year built was 1996. Not surprisingly, 79% had two or more bathrooms and 78% of homes had at least a one car garage.

 The Luxuries Are Important: Of the 82% of buyers, they wanted central air (94% of them purchased homes with air).  Walk-in closets were coveted by 65% of buyers and of those 68% got it.

 The Heart of the Home: 56% of buyers stated that new appliances were a must and 76% of them got it. 50% thought an eat-in kitchen was essential and of those 89% bought home with that.  Finally 42% wanted a kitchen island and 75% got it.

Making It A Home: It seems as though that within the first three months of purchasing 53% of all buyers make improvements to their new home. Of these first improvements, 41% involved lighting and 32% involved hardwood floors.

Buyer’s Regrets: Of all the buyers, 97% were somewhat to very satisfied with their purchase. They overwhelming stated that they would have paid more for certain features such as, central air (69%), new appliances (69%), walk-in closets (60%), granite countertops (55%) and hardwood floors (54%)