Back To School, Already?

The school year is about to start and the change can be tough for parents and children. The days will become shorter and then there is the hectic schedule of school activities and sporting events. Our calendars can fill up fast and it’s easy to become stressed out.

As a former educator, here are some tips to get more organized, prepare your home for the busy days and get the school year off right:

 School Supplies

Review the list handed out by your child’s teacher, crossing off the items you have saved  from last year. It is better to buy supplies as early as possible and fill the backpacks a week or two before the beginning of school. You can save money and time by not scrambling the day before classes begin to get everything you need.

Meals & Bedtimes

Adjusting the schedule at least one week before school starts will prepare your child for those early mornings. It is important to have them go to bed and waking up an hour earlier than normal will help with the transition back to catching the bus in the morning, while still being well-rested at night.

Get That Calendar Ready

It is time to jot down the important dates, like parent-teacher nights, upcoming holidays and those sporting events. This will assist the family manage their obligations.

Time To Clean Closets & Shop

Clean out closets and give away any of your child’s clothes that they have outgrown to make room for the new stuff.  It is important to buy only the essentials. Confirm the school’s dress code, and make sure the clothes you have or buy are up to par. Common concerns include spaghetti straps, bare midriffs, and exposed undergarments (tell your son to pull his pants up!).

Everyones nerves are on edge with the start of the school year.  Just remember to stay cool, upbeat and well organized so that you can help your child with their worries.  Wishing each of you a happy, healthy and educational school year!